How we work

Our on-the-ground work with companies and communities has shown us how to seize opportunities for social impact even in adverse contexts

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Global insights, local experience

At FairChange we combine a global vision with local experience. Our tools, trainings and consultancy services build on insights from international best practices and knowledge we acquired on the ground.

Working with companies and their neighboring communities in emerging markets and poor regions, sometimes affected by violence and war, has helped us understand how complex creating positive impact can be. And, most importantly, it has also shown us how we can help your company seize opportunities for social value creation even in adverse contexts.

Our products and services on-demand

We help your company develop the skills to upscale its positive social impact with tools and methodologies that can be adjusted to your specific operating context:

  • Management consulting in areas such as strategy development and planning
  • Development of online and offline tools
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Training programs

Plan according to your agenda – The length and time-intensity of our services can be tailored to your needs. Some clients prefer to get the work done in a two-hour sessions, while others engage with us in extended projects with a 4 to 6-month duration or more. Contact us to discuss the time frame that best suits your company!

Work online or in-person – Depending on the geography you’re located in, delivery is in-person or online. We’re used to working with clients in different time zones and can adapt our on line consulting sessions to your local agenda.

Choose your language – We can help you in three working languages: Spanish, English or Dutch.

Although we love interacting on-site with our clients, we offer online products to broaden our impact

Our digital products and services

Although we love interacting in-person and on-site with our clients, we’re also aware that the scope of our impact can be larger if we use online tools.

Resources for social impact – On our Resource page you’ll find eBooks, templates, checklists, podcasts and other tools that help your company start improving its social impact right away.

Online course and webinars – Soon to come is our comprehensive online course “Social impact management: creating value for society and value for business”. You can take this course on demand, individually or with your team. Also check out our upcoming webinars aimed at showing you the basic steps for developing the social impact skills of your company’s management and work team.


Of course, at FairChange we’ll treat all inside information about your organization and its members appropriately.

We will not take advantage of privileged information and never use it without your prior permission.

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