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Hi, I’m Katja Marianne Noordam, the proud founder of FairChange. I help impact leaders just like you do business in a meaningful way and increase the value you create for society!

Today more than ever before businesses across the globe are looking to make a difference beyond just making profits. Consumers, investors and employees are increasingly expecting them to do so, too.

Future-proof businesses must be purpose-driven businesses.

But that’s often easier said than done.

Maybe, like so many other entrepreneurs and business leaders, you don’t exactly know how to embed creating positive change into a profitable business model. Chances are you’re looking for ways to effectively tell the stories of the lives you have transformed to attract more customers. Or you wonder: how can we measure and grow our impact to benefit more people in a sustainable way?

With FairChange, I’ll be delighted to help you find the answers! We offer practical tools, online and offline courses, and customized business strategy programs to put your purpose into practice.

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Create the positive impact that resonates with your higher purpose! FairChange offers two signature 1:1 business strategy programs, online learning courses, and practical tools to springboard your social impact success.

FairChange Future Proof with Purpose Course
Online Course

Future Proof with Purpose

Get on the waitlist for this new FairChange online course, where you’ll get the skills you need to do business with a higher purpose and communicate your social impact in a compelling way

FairChange Purpose to Performance
Business Strategy Program

Business & Social Impact Roadmap

In this personalized program, we’ll walk you through the 6-step FairChange Social Impact Management Cycle. Effectively craft, grow and communicate your impact by building positive relations with your stakeholders and creating sustainable value for society and your business

FairChange Social Impact Management
Business Strategy Program

From Purpose to Performance

Lay the foundations for a business that combines making profits with pursuing a meaningful mission! This coaching and training program provides socially committed start-ups and established enterprises with a “5P-Path” from passion to purpose, and from people to promotion and purchase.


FairChange eBook series Social Impact: Strategies for Success

Purpose-driven businesses have many opportunities to make a positive impact. In this 5-volume Why-And-How series, you’ll find guides on Social impact management, Stakeholder engagement, Sustainable Development Goals, Human rights promotion, and Conflict prevention. Get your free eBooks now!


Hey there, welcome. I’m happy you’re here!

In case you’re wondering who is Katja Marianne Noordam, well, this is me…

I am passionate about helping purpose-driven business leaders and impact entrepreneurs create sustainable change.  That’s why I founded FairChange.

Dutch-Belgian by origin and a global citizen by choice, I’ve had the opportunity to work with businesses and communities in different countries on different continents, often in complex environments. At FairChange, my mission is to support purpose-driven businesses with practical tools and know-how to improve the lives of their workers, local suppliers and neighboring communities and to engage with conscious consumers.

Do you think, just as I do, that your business can make a difference beyond just making profits? Then I’d love to work with you!


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The businesses that really do good — like Unilever, TOMS, I like to think Virgin, and many others — their brands become stronger, people identify with them better, and therefore the business itself does better.

Richard Branson, English business magnate, investor and philanthropist