Engage with your stakeholders, deepen your impact


Business and Social Impact Roadmap

Effectively craft, grow and communicate your impact by building positive relations with your stakeholders and create sustainable value for society and your business

Combining coaching and training (one-on-one or in groups, as you like), the program will walk you through the six-step FairChange Social Impact Management Cycle. This is an easy-to-implement framework to promote sustainable progress for the people you support and increase your long-term capacity for change. You’ll also learn how to measure and effectively communicate the results of your efforts to transform lives.

Are you committed to generating change that lasts through your core business strategies? Is your enterprise investing in social causes and contributing to local communities? Then this is the program you need to accelerate your impact!

Building on frequently used management models, this six-step Social Impact Management Cycle can be easily integrated into your daily business.

Interested in working with FairChange on crafting, growing and effectively communicating your social impact? Schedule a Strategy Call with me! We’ll discuss the details of the program and how it can help you get the results you need for your business (oh, and of course, this is a free call with no strings attached!)

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Is this the right program for you?

The Business & Social Impact Roadmap strategy program was developed with you in mind: a purpose-driven entrepreneur or business leader with a heartfelt desire to make a positive impact on the people you care for. I think this is the right match if…

… your business is just taking its first steps to actively contribute to society and you ask yourself:

  • “What exactly is social impact management and how can it create value for the people we support as well as our organization?”
  • “How do I effectively integrate social impact planning in my business processes?”
  • “What indicators can we use to measure our impact and show that we really change lives?”

… you already have experience with social impact management and you want to dive deeper:

  • “How do I improve our data collection and analysis to make social impact sustainable?”
  • “What mechanisms should we put in place to strengthen our engagement with communities, civil society groups, suppliers and other stakeholders so that we can grow our impact?”
  • “How do we tell our impact stories in a compelling way to attract customers and investors?”

If you have asked yourself one or more of these questions, then this is the program you need to find the answers!

How the Business & Social Impact Roadmap program helps you create positive change

Through this FairChange signature impact business strategy program you will learn how to:

  • Define SMART goals for positive social, socio-economic and socio-environmental impact in areas where your business can create significant value
  • Align your social impact strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Guiding Principles on business and human rights
  • Implement solid risk and impact analysis before you start your commercial and social investments
  • Design a stakeholder engagement action plan to implement, measure and improve your business’ relations with communities, civil society groups and other key stakeholders
  • Introduce measurement mechanisms to effectively assess the results of your business’s social impact strategy
  • Integrate the lessons you’ve learned from your social impact actions to  improve future interventions
  • Develop a communications strategy focused on captivating storytelling about the impacts your business creates
  • Produce quality sustainability reports using the GRI Standards and UN Global Compact reporting frameworks

… and so much more!


If you are committed to doing meaningful business, building great relations with your social stakeholders and growing your positive impact is key. It’s not just part of your DNA as a purpose-driven entrepreneur – it also makes perfect business sense. There is compelling research-based evidence that proves how scaling up your social impact strategies benefits society and your business.

Why does quality social impact management matter for purpose-driven businesses?

Social impact management and building strong relations with local communities, suppliers and other key stakeholders are among my favorite topics when working with purpose-driven businesses. Doing business while serving society can be extremely fulfilling.

It is also commercially rewarding. I could go on and on about the benefits maximizing your contribution to society can bring you as an entrepreneur or business leader. Here are just a few of them:

  • Demonstrating your contributions to society helps you increase trust and credibility
  • With goods and services that create social value you’ll reach the rapidly growing conscious consumer segment
  • Social commitment enhances the loyalty and productivity of your team and attracts engaged new talent
  • An ongoing dialogue with local communities and civil society groups helps you anticipate difficult issues and prevent risks
  • Building close stakeholder relations improves your business’ decision making processes
  • Getting on well with local communities, conscious clients and consumers, employees and suppliers will win you loyal ambassadors for your brand
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The FairChange approach

Through my signature business strategy programs, I promote organizational learning and skills development of teams and individuals. The goal is to install the capacities to effectively manage social impact in the long term.

At FairChange, I combine a global vision with local experience. Business strategy programs build on insights from international best practices, research and on-the-ground experience.

My work with companies and communities in emerging markets and poor, problematic regions has helped me understand the challenges of creating positive change, particularly in adverse contexts.

It’s not always easy, but it can definitely be done!

And even if operating environments differ, the basic steps of creating and increasing social impact apply anywhere. That’s why the Business and Social Impact Roadmap strategy program builds on proven methodologies that can be adapted to your specific mission and context.

If you need help deciding…

Would you like to learn more about the Business & Social Impact Roadmap program or ask specific questions? I’ll be glad to schedule a Strategy Call with you. In it, we’ll discuss your business and your goals. I will explain the program in more detail to help you decide if this is what you need to get the results you expect.