10 Tips to Promote Peaceful Living and Working

10 Tips to promote peaceful living and working together

Conflict & Peace

International Day of Living Together in Peace (May 16th) is all about living and acting together, united in differences and diversity, to build a sustainable world of peace, solidarity and harmony. This is also a good moment to take action on SDG 16, focusing on peace and inclusive justice. As with so many things, achieving ambitious goals for a better world starts with small but significant daily actions. Or, to paraphrase Gandhi: Be the peace you wish to see in the world. 

Here are 10 things you can do to honor International Day of Living Together in Peace in your own life and work (oh, and of course, don’t limit these to just one day a year!):

  1. Invite your colleagues for a stroll in the park during lunch break and enjoy the peace and quiet of flowers and trees.
  2. Give someone else a compliment. A team member, your spouse or child, the cashier at your local supermarket.
  3. Stressed or anxious? Be at peace with yourself. Do something that makes you feel happy and ease your mind. Enjoy!
  4. Donate to a charity that promotes peacebuilding and conflict resolution.
  5. Organize a volunteering activity with your team in support of a non-violence organization.
  6. Come up with a peaceful affirmation, visualization or mantra and include it in your daily meditation or relaxation practice.
  7. Buy a product made by artisans from a country at war (think a gift from Ukraine, jewelry by Syrian refugees, homeware by a vendor from an African conflict region…).
  8. Find a beautiful quote about peaceful living together and hang it on a wall for inspiration.
  9. Visit the Nobel Peace Prize website and watch or read Nobel Laureates’ lectures that resonate with you.
  10. Have that conversation you’ve been postponing for ages with someone you have a conflict with and stretch out a reconciliatory hand (literally – or metaphorically).


And finally, here’s a bonus no. 11 idea to increase your positive impact…:

  1. What action did you take today to promote peaceful living together? Share it with friends, colleagues, friends and on your socials. Sprinkle those sparkles of peace around😉!


Find more opportunities to make a positive impact in your daily life and work on the (free!) FairChange People & Planet Calendar >> https://www.fairchangeimpact.com/free-people-planet-calendar/

Conflict & Peace
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