FairChange Ethical Storytelling Guide cover

Ethical Storytelling that drives positive impact – and sales

Storytelling about the impact your enterprise creates is a powerful marketing and communications tool. This guide provides key steps to capture and share the stories of local producers, artisans, communities and other groups your organization works with and supports in an ethical way.

Learn how to craft narratives that respect the dignity and authenticity of your impact story heroes, while at the same time capturing the hearts and minds of your clients, customers, donors and investors.

FairChange developed this guide for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises as part of a larger co-creation process within the Catalyst 2030 global network. As Catalyst 2030 members, we unite in collective action and implement systems change approaches to achieve the SDGs and address the root causes of societal and environmental challenges.

The Ethical Storytelling Principles for Positive Impact Guide is now available free for download! Get your copy below: