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More and more businesses around the globe want to do business with a positive social impact. It’s not just the right thing to do if you are a purpose-driven company. It brings all kinds of additional benefits.

Consumers in industrialized and emerging markets are turning away from businesses that don’t care for people and the planet. Creating a positive impact on workers and communities makes it easier to attract talented workers and keep them on board.

Brands for social good are most trusted and make more profits. And investors are increasingly putting their money where positive impact is created.

But how do you actually grow and measure your social impact? How can you show your customers, investors, partners, and the people you support, that your commitment to creating positive change is getting results?

I’ve worked with small companies that started out with a heartfelt commitment to doing good for their workers and their communities but have no idea how to plan and provide proof of their impact.

And I’ve worked with large businesses that are transforming from profit-only to impact-first with the people and budgets to drive large-scale change but have no idea where to start.

And those are just a few of the challenges purpose-driven businesses struggle with when committing to growing their impact.

I gladly help you design evidence-based social impact strategies that make a real difference.

Discover the keys to successfully managing the planning, implementing, measuring and improving the social impact your company creates.


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