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Let us help you reduce conflict risks and promote peace

With over 200 violent conflicts going on today (The Conflict Barometer 2018), war affects national and international businesses across the globe. At the same time, many companies face social conflict with local communities who feel their lives or natural environments are negatively impacted by their actions.

Effectively managing conflict risks increases stakeholder trust and reduces expenses. According to experts, conflict between companies and communities can incur costs of 20 million USD per week for extractive industry projects (Queensland University and Harvard Kennedy School, 2014).

On the other hand, populations in fragile and conflict-affected regions have a growth rate of 2.4% compared to 1.2% globally and are urbanizing by 3.4% each year (OCHA: Global Humanitarian Overview 2019). This opens up important market opportunities for companies that invest in these areas.

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Operating in complex, conflict-affected environments is, of course, challenging. Business leaders wonder how they can do more for peace, beyond creating jobs and respecting the law. And in the event of disputes with local communities, how do they achieve constructive collaboration?

FairChange helps your company design strategies aimed at preventing violence and promoting peace. We provide you with methodologies to support the transformation of conflict risks into social and business value.

How we help your company prevent conflict and promote peace

At FairChange we focus on preventing company-community disputes that arise around social and environmental issues, and on promoting peace in operating contexts affected by armed conflict. This allows you to achieve positive change in different areas:

  • Develop strategies for long-term engagement with local communities and social stakeholders to prevent disputes and achieve constructive collaboration

  • Perform risk analysis that includes indicators for present and potential sources of conflict and strategies to mitigate conflict risks

  • Incorporate do-no-harm principles and a conflict-sensitive business approach into your social and commercial activities

  • Engage in strategic alliances with private, public and social actors to promote local implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 16 (peace, solid institutions and justice for all)

  • Define impact indicators to assess and improve the contributions to conflict prevention and peace building of your business activities

Why team up with FairChange?

You’ve found the right partner especially if:

… your company faces social conflict risk with neighboring communities and you wonder:

  • “How should we engage with local stakeholders in a collaborative way, to overcome tensions and recreate trust?”

  • “Which strategies can we put in place to prevent disputes around social and environmental issues in the future?”

… your company operates in environments affected by armed conflict and violence, and you ask yourselves:

  • “How can we contribute to peace building and post-war reconstruction through our commercial operations and social investment?”

  • “How do we form effective partnerships with other private and public actors to create stable and secure business environments?”

Depending on your company’s context we can adjust our offer to your specific needs. Find out more about our approach:


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Why should companies care about conflict prevention and what can they do?

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The frustrations, hostility and anger generated by abject poverty cannot sustain peace in any society. For building stable peace we must find ways to provide opportunities for people to live decent lives.

Muhammad Yunus, Bangladeshi banker, economist, and Nobel Peace Prize winner