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Let us help you boost social impact through the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a unique framework your company can use to increase social value while benefiting business. More than half of the SDGs – or Global Goals as they’re also called – focus on enhancing the prosperity and wellbeing of people. Supporting the goals that promote respect for the environment can also create significant social impact.

The economic benefits of SDG support by private sector companies are compelling. Experts calculate that aligning business models with the Global Goals will open up 12 trillion USD in market opportunities and create 380 million jobs by 2030. Many of these opportunities are present in developing markets. That’s why more and more large and small businesses across the globe have started to advance the SDGs.

By promoting the Global Goals your company creates value for society and for business. Find out how in our free FairChange eBook: 10 Business opportunities of supporting the SDGs

Still, many large and small companies struggle to incorporate the Global Goals into their strategies. Existing guidelines are not always clear about how to translate the macro-level goals into business targets and local operating realities. Companies in emerging markets often wonder how to seize the opportunities for SDG support in complex environments.

At FairChange we help you make sense of the SDGs.

We’ll be glad to guide you through the steps of designing SDG driven social impact strategies that are relevant to your operating context. We also assist your company in defining impact measurement indicators adjusted to the Global Goals to assess results.

How we help improve your company’s social impact through the SDGs

Effectively incorporate the Global Goals into your business strategies, impact measurement and sustainability reports. FairChange can help you succeed in several key areas:

  • Identify the SDGs that are most relevant to your operating context and integrate them into your social impact strategies

  • Engage with local stakeholders to define SDG-aligned material topics and priority management issues

  • Assess results of advancing the Global Goals through impact indicators and measurement mechanisms that are adjusted to your business context

  • Map strategic partners and create alliances between public, private and social actors to implement the SDGs in your local operating context

  • Include relevant data on your company’s SDG-driven social impacts in your sustainability report (GRI, Global Compact)
Why team up with FairChange?

You’ve found the right partner especially if:

… your company is new to the Sustainable Development Goals and you ask yourselves:

  • “What exactly are the SDGs and how do we turn them into a business opportunity for our company?”

  • “With 17 goals and 169 targets, how do we identify where we can create real social impact?”

… your company already has experience with the SDGs and you wonder:

  • “Which processes should we put in place to scale up our SDG-driven social impacts?”

  • “How do we demonstrate the social value we’ve created to our customers and shareholders?”

Depending on your company’s context we can adjust our offer to your specific needs. Find out more about our approach:


Are you interested in working with FairChange to help you integrate the SDGs in your business strategy and activities? Or would you like to receive more information first? Book a free consulting call and ask any questions you have!

What are the Sustainable Development Goals and why should they be a priority for your company?

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Download the free FairChange eBook10 Business opportunities of supporting the SDGs


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