Tell powerful impact stories that engage customers and create change

Storytelling about the people your business supports is a powerful strategy to boost your marketing and communications. But it can be a delicate balancing act.

How do you capture and share the real life experiences of local artisans, micro-businesses, and rural producers from remote regions in a way that respects their dignity? What’s the best approach to telling the stories of communities facing crime and violence or people affected by limiting health conditions, without reinforcing stereotypes?

These impact storytelling tools for social businesses can help. Start winning the hearts and minds of your customers with authentic stories that put strengths and solutions first!

FairChange Free Interview Questions Guide

Interview questions for authentic impact stories

Interviewing the people your business supports is a great way to get authentic input for videos, blog posts, audio and presentations that show real impact.

But the quality of your story depends on the quality of your interview. This means you have to prepare the conversation well.

In the Impact storytelling interview quick guide you’ll learn how to build trust and ask the right questions.

FairChange Storytelling Resource Page

Sharing people’s narratives, the ethical way

A principled approach to capturing and telling the stories of the people your business stands with helps you avoid common and costly mistakes.

Ethical Storytelling reduces the risk of cultural, social, economic or environmental harm in local communities and avoids accusations of greenwashing or “impact washing” that can affect your brand. Moreover, it will enhance your capacity to address the root causes of social challenges while activating your audiences to support your cause.

This Quick guide lays out the 9 Ethical Storytelling Principles for Positive Impact.

FairChange Words and Images for Impact Storytelling

Choose words and images that create change

Telling authentic impact stories can change the world. But to captivate your customers while promoting the dignity and wellbeing of the people your company supports, you must choose your words and images carefully.

In this How-to Guide, we highlight the key do’s and don’ts of impact storytelling that avoids the pitfalls of conventional do-good communications.